CityFunTastic Passenger Terms and Conditions


In order to guarantee satisfaction, safety and healthy coexistence between passengers and respect for the work of the Travelier (Guide), the rules to follow during the Tour are indicated. By boarding the unit, passengers acknowledge and accept its terms and conditions.



  1. The unit will be at the place and time agreed for your pickup, so passengers must be punctual to board their unit. The unit will not wait for the passenger or their group, so if everyone is not at the meeting point, the unit will continue on its way, with the tourist losing their tour and the right to any type of refund.
  2. Once the Tour has started, other passengers will not be allowed to join the route, even if they have a reservation or have lost their pickup because they were not at the agreed place on time.
  3. The passenger may modify the date of his reservation. Modifications may be made to your reservation in the CityFunTastic reservation system, or through your promoter, as long as this is made 24 hours in advance of the contracted tour.
  4. The route is pre-designed and is not optional, so passengers will not be able to request modifications to it. No route point can be included or excluded, even if there are no other passengers in the unit.
  5. Passengers must follow and obey the instructions of their Travelier (guide) throughout the tour, as these instructions seek to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of all passengers. If the passenger does not comply with this rule, they may be asked to leave the tour, losing all right to claim or refund.
  6. Our Tour is family-friendly, so all passengers are asked to refrain from inappropriate behavior that violates morals and good customs, avoid acts that have sexual or sensual implications, and expressions or vocabulary that is not suitable for all ages. .
  7. The dress code is informal, but comfortable and modest attire that does not violate family values ​​is recommended.
  8. Disrespect between passengers or towards Tour staff will not be tolerated, even when between members of the same family or group, including, but not limited to, insults, verbal or physical attacks. Passengers who fall into these situations will be asked to leave the Tour at the point where they are on the route, losing the right to any claim to the Tour operating company or its operators, and to any refund.
  9. Respect for the ideas, comments or expressions, both of the Traveler (Guide) and the rest of the passengers, is essential to guarantee a healthy coexistence between all the passengers of the unit, so if you have a different opinion or not agree with something, you should reserve your comments, and in case there is serious misconduct on the part of our staff, you can report it immediately through our WhatsApp number, email or our contact page.
  10. During the journey aboard the unit, passengers must turn off or silence their electronic devices out of respect for the rest of the passengers. If you have children on board, you will not be able to play videos or music without headphones that interrupt the rest of the people on board the unit.
  11. Telephone or video calls within the unit are not allowed to guarantee the satisfaction of all passengers.
  12. Passengers will not be able to stay in the unit when arriving at some of the attractions or visiting places assigned in the Tour.
  13. The care of each passenger's property is their responsibility, so we suggest being careful to keep your belongings with you, marking your purchases to avoid confusing them with those of other passengers. Passengers release the CityFunTastic operating company and its staff from liability for the loss or damage of their belongings, except for intentional damage.
  14. If for any reason the passenger needs any special attention from the Travelier (guide) during the tour, he or she must notify him or her directly so that he or she can take action based on the Tour's operating procedures.
  15. If passengers decide not to follow the route or leave the group, they must inform their Travelier (guide) and sign the document with their decision to voluntarily leave. By leaving the group, you will lose your place without the right to any refund, releasing the operating company or operators in charge of the Tour from any liability.
  16. Passengers must respect the assigned times in each place visited, so, when this time is up, if the passengers are not at the indicated place to board their unit, they will not be able to wait for them, and the Tour will be considered abandoned, so the passenger will lose their place without the right to any refund, releasing the operating company or operators in charge of the Tour from any liability.
  17. Passengers will not be able to venture on their own to other points outside the tour, even if they consider that they are close or that moving to another place can be done in the time assigned by the Travelier for each stop. Passengers who fail to remain with their group will be considered abandoning the tour.
  18. The safety and integrity of each passenger is their own responsibility, so they are invited not to take actions that could put them at risk, which includes not leaving the safe and authorized areas of the tour, or swimming in the sea or entering to the river, do not eat or drink, food or drinks not provided by the establishments visited.
  19. Drinks or food are not allowed into the unit or in the places visited. During the tour some of the establishments will offer tastings. Find out about what is offered and make your purchases under your own responsibility. Inform if you have any allergies.
  20. The Tour is a tour free of tobacco or any type of cigarettes, pipes or vapes, so smoking is not allowed inside the unit or in any of the places or establishments visited during the tour. In the same way, the consumption of drugs or alcohol in excess is prohibited.
  21. When visiting the Restaurant, passengers must cover the food or drinks they request from the restaurant staff. The Restaurant is an independent business of the Tour, so passengers release the Tour operator or its operators from liability for any complaint or non-compliance with the service offered by the Restaurant.
  22. Passengers agree to respect public and private goods and properties during the tour. It will not damage any object, building or monument. He will verify that you only carry your belongings and that when taking your purchases you are sure that you have not mistakenly taken something that belongs to someone else.
  23. When getting off the unit, you must make sure that you have all your things with you. If you forget any object inside the unit, the tour operating company or its operators will not be responsible for their property, so in the event that the passenger forget something and be located inside the unit, the passenger must come during office hours to pick up their belongings and sign a responsive letter.
  24. Passengers agree to comply with all local regulations and laws during the tour. This includes respecting traffic laws, prohibiting smoking in non-designated areas, and complying with local regulations.


With the understanding that, in case of not complying with any of the rules of conduct mentioned above, the passenger will lose any right to claim and will release CityFunTastic and the Hotel, as well as its employees, guides and drivers, from all liability for any injury, damage or loss that I may suffer during the tour as a result of my failure to comply with the established rules.


Last review: November 2023