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CityFuntastic is the promotional tour that shows you the city, its different areas, the weekly agenda of activities, and updated travel tips so you can plan your visit to the city according to your preferences. 


Our Experiences

You'll live a series of brief experiences that will give you a taste of what makes us such a unique tourist destination.

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Our Route

The itinerary may vary without prior notice due to weather or other conditions.
  • 1Marina Vallarta

    For passengers who begin the tour in Marina Vallarta, we will take a tour of this area of ​​luxury hotels and homes, along with its exclusive lifestyle.
  • 2North Hotel Zone

    In this section we will pass through the El Salado estuary, we will cross some commercial and gastronomic areas and we will see the maritime terminal for cruises and sea tours.
  • 3Downtown & Boardwalk

    The soul and essence of Puerto Vallarta is concentrated in the downtown streets, its boardwalk, squares, and the icons of the city.
  • 4Zona Romántica

    The authentic flavor of the Mexican town is found in the romantic zone and its streets, with its typical adobe houses and red tile roofs, in combination with new tourist attractions such as the tile plaza or the Olas Altas pier.
  • 5South Hotel Zone

    Tour along the beautiful coast between the majestic mountains and incredible views of Banderas Bay.
  • 6Jungle & Restaurant

    A brief immersion in our unit through the lush tropical jungle, its endemic life, the lifestyle of its inhabitants, ending in a comfortable restaurant next to the river.

Tour includes

We highly recommend to come after having breakfast and wanting to enjoy a fantastic day, bring a positive attitude, and be open to seeing and experiencing different things.

Not included

For greater enjoyment of the experience, we suggest coming prepared.


Difficulty Level: Easy*

The tour includes short walks through pedestrian areas, access to bathrooms, a few stairs, access to hydration, and a climate-controlled vehicle.

*Assess whether your physical condition will allow you to keep up with the rest of the group.

For a better enjoyment

Our day will be full of excitement, activities, and things to do. Come as prepared as possible!

1What attractions will we visit?
We will visit the most photographed places in the city such as the Marina Vallarta, the boardwalk, the main Church, the City Hall, the city center, the Romantic Zone, the Los Arcos Marine Natural Park and the Río Los Horcones Natural Park among others.
2Can we bring our own food?
No. We fully recommend that you enjoy the full experience. The restaurant is a private business that has made a huge effort to provide us with this incredible place and does not allow outside food or drinks.
3Do we need to bring money?
Yes. It is very likely that you will find an irresistible opportunity and want to buy it. You will also need money for the restaurant. And at the end, if you want, you can share a little love by tipping the guide.
4Can we bring children?
Yes. However, it is recommended that all passengers be old enough to enjoy the experience, as it includes vehicle transfers, spoken explanations, and tickets to workshops or museums.
5What languages ​​does the travelier (guide) speak?
All explanations of the tour, including the experiences, are offered in Spanish and English.
6Do you offer any tours that only speak one language?
All tours are bilingual (Spanish and English) unless we do not have passengers of the other language. If you like an exclusive tour, you can hire it: contact us!
7Is it necessary to bring a swimsuit and towel?
No. El recorrido no ofrece oportunidades de baño en ningún momento.
8Can I stay in the vehicle during experience stops?
No. During stops and experiences the vehicle is removed and the climate is turned off. All passengers must get off. Tourist regulations do not allow any passenger to stay inside the unit for safety reasons.
9What do other passengers think about the tour?
Knowing the opinions of other travelers will make it easier for you to understand our tour more clearly. See some testimonials here.

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Discover Puerto Vallarta in style!

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