Safety protocols and guidelines for COVID19 at CityFunTastic:

CityFunTastic has adopted the necessary international safety guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers and our staff.




  • + IMSS (Todo el personal tomó el curso especializado)


Our activity is designed for a reduced number of passengers, which significantly reduces any risk of contagion. Our protocols cover all care guidelines and are mainly focused on:

  • Extreme cleaning measures
  • Personal security
  • Social distancing
  • Disinfection

CityFuntastic is certified by Safe Travels which ensures scrupulous compliance with each of the security protocols. The safety and well-being of our passengers is and will continue to be the priority in our company.

CityFuntastic staff protocols

  1. Temperature is taken upon arrival, and if it is 37.5ºC or more, the staff will not be able to access the facilities and will be quarantined home.
  2. Face shields or safety glasses and face masks are mandatory for all CityFuntastic staff members.
  3. Hands should be washed with soap and water every half hour.
  4. Staff must maintain a healthy distance of 1.5m between passengers and staff.
  5. Uniforms and footwear will always be cleaned and sanitized.

COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines for CityFuntastic Passengers

  1. The temperature is taken upon arrival at our facilities. If a guest's temperature is 37.5ºC or higher, they must return home or to their hotel.
  2. During the tour, mask must be worn.
  3. Guests must maintain a healthy distance of 1.5m between individuals outside of their group.
  4. Hand sanitizer gel is available at any time.
  5. The bracelets are properly disinfected before being delivered to guests.


Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 CityFuntastic

How is an acceptable face protection? Can I bring mine?
Your face shield should cover your nose and mouth, but full face masks, face shields, and surgical masks are also acceptable. You must bring your own facial protection to participate in our tour.

When am I allowed to remove my face shield?    
Passengers can remove face masks during tastings and meal times.

Has the tour capacity changed?
Yes. Our tour has reduced its capacity to 50% to limit the number of passengers and to encourage social distancing.

How are we implementing social distancing on our journey?
We have reduced our capacity by 50% to encourage social distancing among our passengers. We have also reduced the number of seats in our restaurant to keep passengers a safe distance of 1.5m from individuals outside their groups.

What happens if a passenger has a temperature of 37.5ºC or more?
Por seguridad no podemos aceptar pasajeros que presenten temperaturas de 37,5ºC o más.

Disponibilidad de gel sanitizante.
Hand sanitizer will be available to all passengers at all times, however, we encourage passengers to bring their own hand sanitizer as well.

What are your cleaning and sanitizing standards and procedures at CityFunTastic?    
All CityFunTastic staff must wear face masks, as well as wash their hands every half hour and apply a hand sanitizer before any activity.

Will CityFunTastic provide face shields?    
No. Each passenger must bring their own mask.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?  
In the event that a passenger presents a dangerous temperature for the health of other passengers, and is not accepted to the tour, he will receive a full refund of his ticket.

Does the travelier wear face protection?
Yes. All CityFunTastic team personnel wear a mask during all activities.